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GNS increases its production capacity to 7 thousand tons per month

Responding to domestic and international demands with its facility in Tekirdağ, GNS Aluminum will increase its production capacity. The company will complete its capacity investment, which it started in 2021, and will increase its monthly ticket production volume to 7 thousand tons per month.

GNS Aluminum has been operating in the aluminum industry for nearly 40 years. Responding to the domestic and international needs of the sector with its new facility within the borders of Tekirdağ Province in 2020, the company entered the top 100 companies in the IDDMIB list of companies as a result of its activities in 2021. Mehmet Güneş, Chairman of the Board of GNS Aluminum, pointed out that they continued their capacity increase investment in 2022, which they started in 2021, and said, “Our technological infrastructure investments continue by reaching a monthly production capacity of 7 thousand aluminum billets in its final form.”

It will create a roadmap for carbon footprint

Explaining that they want to reduce their carbon footprint in the coming years by increasing the use of recycled raw materials in addition to the use of primary raw materials in their production facilities, Güneş said, “We are drawing up road maps for this. Within the framework of the Green Agreement, we conduct research and allocate resources from our budget in order to take our place in environmentally friendly facility projects in the world.

Working on energy efficiency

Mentioning that as GNS Aluminum,  they are aware of the energy  crisis and at the same time they are working on what should be done for energy efficiency, Mehmet Güneş said, “As GNS Aluminum, we will continue to do our part together with our companies and suppliers that can represent our country in the aluminum sector in the ranking of developed countries. We wish all our stakeholders the best of luck.”

Source : https://www.dunya.com/sirketler/gns-uretim-kapasitesini-aylik-7-bin-tona-cikariyor-haberi-671639