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The Purpose and Key Objectives of the European Green Deal

The European Green Deal is a comprehensive strategy created by the European Union (EU) to address significant challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation. This deal aims to modernize the EU’s economy, use resources more efficiently, and establish a competitive structure. Many of its key objectives are achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, de-establish economic growth from resource use, and ensuring social justice.

Scope and Importance of the European Green Deal

The European Green Deal also serves as a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Financed by investments from the NextGenerationEU Recovery Plan, this deal is a crucial tool in supporting the recovery and transformation processes of both the EU and its member states. It encompasses actions in various areas under nine main topics, such as transforming the economy and society, promoting sustainable transportation, establishing clean energy systems, making buildings greener, fostering nature-friendly practices, and advancing global climate actions.

Turkey’s role and Contributions

The implementation of the European Green Deal presents an essential opportunity for Turkey as well. Turkey has the chance to transition to a sustainable and resource-efficient economy, leading to a more environmentally compatible and competitive structure. In this context, Turkey’s Action Plan aims to align with the deal through 81 actions under nine main topics, including CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism), sustainable and circular economy, green financing, clean energy supply, sustainable agriculture, smart transportation, climate change actions, diplomacy and sustainable awareness activities. Turkey’s participation in and alignment with this strategy will not only help Turkey achieve its sustainable development goals but also strengthen relations between Turkey and the EU.